Bruce M. Berger and Company, P.A., CPAs

  • Providing accounting analysis to form the basis for discussion, mediation, arbitration, or litigation and/or litigation support.
  • Performing investigative accounting work to address and document potential fraud, inappropriate financial activity, or other purposes for the Court.
  • Analyzing and addressing the reports, testimony, and statements of other experts.
  • Review of discovery, cataloging missing items and developing related reports on the resulting opportunities for legal action.
  • Tracing assets, accounts, and financial resources of opposing parties.
  • Undertaking reviews of internal and external audits for litigation or in support of defensive strategies.
  • Review and compilation of financial statements, budgets and projections.
  • Computing damages, profit and loss, and resulting financial outcomes from various strategies and courses of action.
  • Communicating critical financial data and information in a court room setting to support all aspects of a case.
  • Supporting any and all other litigation matters that require accounting services.

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