Bruce M. Berger and Company, P.A., CPAs

Our firm provides in-depth litigation support services. Our specialty areas include Family, Civil and Criminal Law cases.

Our team can research, analyze, and develop reports to support ongoing and pending litigation. This includes assessment of economic damages, profit or loss, breach of contract issues, or validation of audited or unaudited financial data. We provide a range of services for both business and personal/family matters before the Court, in pre-suit notice, mediation, arbitration, deposition, or at trial.

We can assess, analyze, and distill financial data into sophisticated and easy-to-understand summaries as a basis for discussion, arbitration, settlement, or ultimately if necessary, litigation. We can prepare expert exhibits, charts, graphs, and supporting documentation to illustrate the most significant financial information for the Court and for all pre-trial needs. This includes the quantification of financial information, assessment and support of economic damages and loss, such as that resulting from a breach of contract or fraudulent activity.

Our firm provides damage assessments, loss computation from the interruption of business, lost wage analysis for workers compensation and support for filings with other state agencies.

Our office has extensive experience in the Court and in expert witness testimony. We have testified as trusted experts in hundreds of cases in Family, Civil and Criminal matters in South Florida.

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