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Through our mediation practice, we provide our clients with the necessary support and assistance reducing the combative nature of divorce. We help put balance on differing views, handle the emotionally charged atmosphere of separation and divorce, address the needs of children, and help create, where possible, a mediated settlement that fulfills the wishes of all parties involved.

Architecting and negotiating creative solutions to lead to an out-of-court settlement, which is often the key to resolving issues and reducing the burdensome and destructive financial impact of divorce. With an mediated settlement, legal fees are dramatically reduced, and, in the end, potential litigants have the best chance of recovering and growing from divorce in the most healthy way for themselves and their children.

Bruce M. Berger works on developing a middle ground, where the parties can meet half way and resolve differences amicably or, at the minimum, without having to resort to expensive, time-consuming litigation.

Bruce M. Berger is certified as a family law mediator and strongly believes that the parties greatly benefit from a process without the anger when they are involved in the decision making process and their future is not left in the hands of an impartial judge.

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