Our federal tax specialists provide consulting and compliance services to C corporations, S corporations and other pass-through entities. In addition to federal taxes, we also have an understanding of state and local tax issues.

Florida’s corporate tax landscape can be overwhelming with its combination of sales tax, telecommunications tax, corporate income tax, ad valorem tax, documentary stamp tax and intangible tax. And if your business operates in more than one state, your tax situation becomes even more complicated. Our tax professionals can prepare tax returns for all 50 states; helping you navigate, and benefit from, the different tax rules in each state.

We assist our entrepreneurial and corporate clients with:

• Tax planning and analysis

• Federal, state and local income tax preparation 

• Multi-state tax compliance and consulting

• Sales tax

• Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) compliance 

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Tax deferral strategies for sale transactions

• Assistance in structuring partnerships and LLC operating agreements

• Debt allocation and planning

• Reporting for sale/leaseback structuring

• 1031 exchanges

• Accounting for income taxes

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