When acquisition opportunities arise, clients need professionals who offer a goal centered approach designed specifically for their needs.

We understand each engagement is unique and that’s why we don’t use a standard approach. We focus on the client’s specific needs; why you’re interested in the company, what you really need to know, and then reporting that quickly and clearly.

As part of our process, we address a range of strategic, operational and financial issues. Our overall procedures may include:

• Understanding investment objective

• Understanding the target’s business

• Due diligence financial investigation

• Due diligence tax investigation

We’ve assisted in a wide range of issues including:

• Financial condition

• Quality of earnings and assets

• Identifying hidden costs, commitments, contingent liabilities

• Historical cash flows

• Source and use analysis

• Working capital

• Valuations

• Optimizing tax structure

• Identifying potential tax opportunities and/or contingencies

• Organizational and staff review and assessment

• Deal issues

• Reviewing known dependencies (i.e. vendor or client concentration, etc.)

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