If you don’t want the government to decide who gets your property, then you’re going to need an estate plan. In fact, anyone who owns property needs an estate plan which allows you to direct who gets your property and how it will be distributed. Most estate planning is an ongoing process because life situations change. We focus on your needs and construct the right estate and trust plans for you and your family.

We use a number of different estate planning tools including:

• Family Limited Partnership

• Charitable Lead Trust

• Charitable Remainder Trust

• Qualified Personal Residence Trust

• Grantor Retained Annuity Trust

• Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

• Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

For estates, we can handle the following:

• Tax planning

• Filing of estate tax forms

• Representation before the IRS for tax examinations

• Preparation of state and federal income tax returns

• Post mortem tax planning

• Final 1040 for decedent

For trusts, our services include:

• Tax planning

• Preparation of state and federal tax returns

In addition, depending on your needs, we can also:

• Act as personal representative or trustee

• Handle gift tax planning and returns

• Provide expert witness support and forensic accounting for probate and trust litigation, if necessary

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