This is typically a very difficult time for individuals and a crucial time to engage the right professionals. You need to know that your professional’s contribution will strengthen the process and help you achieve the best possible outcome, given the specific facts and circumstances of your case. We help individuals and their attorneys in navigating the multiple financial aspects of marital dissolution. Working with counsel, we help with each step of the process from compliance with Mandatory Disclosure through resolution of the case by means of mediation, settlement conferences, hearings or trial.

We combine our compassion and experience with accounting expertise to assist our clients through the varied facets of family law including alimony, child support and equitable distribution. Our technical expertise and understanding enables us to coherently present often complex financial issues in an understandable manner.

Our family law services include:

• Preparation and evaluation of financial affidavits

• Equitable distribution analysis

• Income determination

• Alimony and child support calculations

• Lifestyle analysis (i.e. marital standard of living)

• Assist with requests for production, mandatory disclosure, and interrogatories

• Assist with depositions of the parties involved and their financial experts

• Asset tracing and comingling analyses

• Dissipation analysis and calculations

• Characterization of marital vs non-marital property

• Business valuations

• Document control

• Attendance at mediation, hearings, settlement conferences and trial

• Expert testimony

• Tax consequences of divorce settlements

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