Have your family’s interests grown to a level of complexity that requires professional management? If so, there are many places you can go. Just make sure that your interests come before the interests of your advisors.

Because we’re CPA’s, we are required to be completely independent. In addition, our personal and caring service are unmatched. One of our greatest joys is helping our successful clients enjoy their achievements. Whether it’s preserving family wealth, streamlining administrative tasks, or simply meeting all compliance obligations, we have the expertise to make it happen. In addition, we offer family office consulting services to help both start-up and experienced offices with best practices, internal controls, family governance and more.

Some of our family office services include the following:

Lifestyle management

• Bill paying and payroll

• Cash flow management

• Budgeting

Accounting and reporting

• Personal accounting

• Accounting for closely-held entities

• Consolidated financial reporting

• Consolidated investment performance reporting

Integrated planning

• Tax planning and compliance

• Estate and financial planning

• Life insurance policy review and planning

• Multi-generational planning

• Business and succession planning

Special services

• Concierge

• Travel management

• Property management

• Collectibles management

• Credit monitoring and planning


• Mission statements and planning

• Personal giving

• Foundation management

Risk management

• Liability management

• Custody account arrangements

• Asset protection

• Bank financing

• Property and casualty insurance review and oversight

• Personal security planning

• Litigation support

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